You may have noticed the new construction underway where the side of Capital Circle’s western-most lane meets Mahan. The new retail spaces being constructed are an important part of the overall development of a little-known in-town community named Evening Rose.

Evening Rose

Located in the streets behind the Egg Cafe and the Verizon store, Evening Rose is accessible at multiple entry points (including Easter Stanley.) The trees lining the residential portion of the community act as a sound barrier/ privacy shield. The green canopies also make Evening Rose a true hidden gem.

Evening Rose is not your typical in-town neighborhood; there are no cars whizzing by, kids play in the street, neighbors swap recipes, and everyone knows your name. Sounds too good to be true, right?

An award-winning traditional neighborhood development, Evening Rose provides an innovative blend of residential, educational, commercial and retail spaces. The Evening Rose town center is the public face of Evening Rose. The future, new and existing retail spaces offer a wide array of shopping, dining, important services. Current commercial tenants in the Evening Rose town center include The Egg Café, FSU Credit Union, Verizon, and The Learning Pavillion


Recently, construction is underway to allow for additional retail space in the town center. HERE you can view the plans for the new retail spaces that run adjacent to The Egg Cafe.

Evening Rose has a new school! The Community Leadership Acadamy is an exciting addition to Evening Rose. The Community Leadership Academy (CLA) strives to develop the much-needed next generation of leaders. They do this by focusing on four pillars: moral excellence, academic excellence, community, and leadership development. I have had the pleasure of meeting several teachers from this school, and the joy of witnessing the children playing in the schoolyard every morning.  I am happy to give a big welcome to all students, teachers, faculty, parents, grandparents, and anyone else involved with the CLA.


If you are looking for affordable new construction in the Heart Of Tallahassee then look no further. Evening Rose has gorgeous new construction homes starting in the mid 200K range. Click HERE to view the new construction available in Evening Rose.


Click HERE for the list of current homes for sale in Evening Rose.

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