A Modern City With Abundant Southern Charm


On the national stage, Tallahassee is best known for being Florida’s capital city. However, up-close Tallahassee is a luscious, verdant Southern city with a deep-rooted sense of its own history and culture. The steamy sub-tropical city is also filled with a natural vitality and unparalleled outdoor adventure. Residents of the vibrant community enjoy living in an area of unmatched beauty, unspoiled natural resources, and a rich array of recreational, educational, cultural and social offerings for those of all ages.

Rolling hills, canopy roads, and moss-draped oaks give the city its distinctive beauty and captivating Southern charm. Tallahassee is a city that is unique in its home state of Florida. Indeed, the city’s populous is unique as well. Tallahassee boasts Florida’s youngest and most educated population and balances a contemporary vibe with a sense of deep-rooted history.

Located in the Florida Panhandle, Tallahassee is a great home base for those who want to remain close to the region’s beaches, rivers, sinks, and waterways while having access to a city with fantastic entertainment, arts, nightlife, restaurants, breweries, cafes, shops, and much more.  From its lively performing arts scene to its picturesque flora and fauna, Tallahassee is a city that offers something for everyone.

A Paradise In Your Backyard

10262122_10203265401611323_5156250909100783092_nThe North Florida city boasts a topography that makes it unique when compared to other Florida cities. Nestled in the Panhandle’s Red Hills, Tallahassee is home to the most eco-diverse region in Florida. Home to an award-winning park’s system, Tallahassee’s parks are among the best in the nation. The city’s many greenways, trails, parks, canopy roads, lakes, sinks, and waterways form the perfect backdrop for those who enjoy spending time in nature. Activities such as hiking, paddling, cycling, and horse riding are everyday occurrences for many who call Tallahassee home.  Not sure where to go? Find a trail near you at www.Trailahassee.com.

Beautiful areas in and near Tallahassee include:

  • St. Marks
  • Tom Brown Park
  • Maclay Gardens
  • Goodwood Gardens And Museum
  • Alligator Point
  • Bald Point
  • Wakulla Springs
  • Letchworth Mounds
  • Lake Jackson
  • Lichgate At High Road


Arts And Culture

The capital city is known for its lively arts and culture. The city is home to two universities: Florida A&M, and Florida State University. As such, Tallahassee is home to an active cultural scene invigorated by the city’s institutions of higher education. Additionally, the city of Tallahassee has invested in the infrastructure necessary to create the perfect environment for an active arts scene. The city’s non-profit Council on Culture & Arts or COCA, serves as the area’s voice for culture and arts.  COCA promotes and informs the artistic and cultural community of the capital city.

The arts and culture are alive in Tallahassee in these unique spaces:

  • Gaines Street Art District
  • Lemoyne Art Gallery
  • MOFA
  • Cascades Park
  • Ruby Diamond Auditorium
  • Tallahassee Little Theatre
  • Donald L. Tucker Civic Center

Tallahassee’s Deep Roots

The history of Tallahassee spans centuries and it shows. Everywhere in the capital city, the evidence is present of the town’s spectacular and colorful history. From the antebellum homes dotting the city, the Victorian homes nestled along the avenues downtown,  to the Spanish mission and the multiple mound sites left behind by the area’s earliest people, the town visibly reflects its long and unique history.

Tallahassee’s Historical Sites

  • The Letchworth Mounds
  • The Velda Dairy Mound
  • Lake Jackson Mounds
  • Goodwood Plantation
  • The Knox House
  • The Union Bank Museum
  • The Taylor House Museum Of Historic Frenchtown
  • Mission San Louis
  • Florida Historic Capitol Museum
  • Museum Of Florida History
  • Hernando De Soto Archeological Site
  • Natural Bridge Historic State Park
  • Florida Museum Of History And Natural Science
  • Tallahassee Museum

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