Evening Rose Community

Live In The Heart Of Tallahassee

There is a place in the heart of Tallahassee that is more than just a neighborhood. Tree-lined streets frame beautifully charming new construction cottages, Florida homes, craftsman style bungalows. It is as if, suddenly, mid-town was re-ordered to become the perfect little community tucked safely away in the heart of the city.

Evening RoseLet me introduce you to Evening Rose. Despite its convenience to everything, Evening Rose is not your typical in-town neighborhood; there are no cars whizzing by, kids play in the street, neighbors swap recipes, and everyone knows your name. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Evening Rose is a true hidden gem. The community chooses to preserve the greenways and trees that add to its charm. These same trees form a natural barrier that shields the picturesque streets and protects its anonymity.

Check it out for yourself and see if you can imagine living in this story-book community. This may be your only opportunity to own a new build for this price that’s convenient to everything.

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