Tallahassee is an amazing city! I am always surprised by how many unique and fun local businesses there are. Recently, I was introduced to Wood Junkies , a fun local business that rehabs old wood!

Since 2013, Wood Junkies has been helping Tallahassee homeowners restore their wood. Owner Amber McKee is working on a diverse array of projects at any given moment. From the restoration of classic antiques to chalk painting your new kitchen cabinetry, Amber is able to bring out the best lackluster wood and infuse new life into old spaces.

I am so happy to be part of a city with amazing entrepreneurs like Amber! I am also very excited to introduce Amber to Tallahassee homebuyers, as kitchen updates are often needed when purchasing a resale home.

Not only does Amber bring elegance to the DIY culture but she hosts workshops regularly and teaches others how to use tools, basic woodworking techniques, and painting techniques needed to update the wood within any home.

For more information, check out the Wood Junkies Facebook Page or Website.




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