“I’ve spent my whole life training to be a property appraiser. This is not about politics for me. It’s about doing the job accurately and fairly. I’d be honoured to earn your vote.”

Greg Lane

There’s only one property appraiser in the running to be your next Leon County Property Appraiser. That someone is Greg Lane. Greg Lane has spent his entire career focused on furthering his local community and appraising property. Greg’s long career spans 23 years in Leon County where he has appraised over 10,000 properties. That’s experience that you can count on.

We Can’t Afford To Elect An Inexperienced Candidate For Leon County Property Appraiser

The office of Leon County Property Appraiser will be responsible for administering decisions related to more than $25 Billion annually in real estate over the next four years. This is why it is vital that our next property appraiser be experienced and qualified. Greg Lane is both.

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