why-a-buyer-representation-is-important.pngA Buyer Representation Agreement is an important and helpful tool for developing mutual loyalty, clarifying expectations, and elevating the services you will receive from your agent.

If you have already begun the home buying process with the assistance of a REALTOR®, your real estate professional may have asked that you sign what is known as a Buyer Representation Agreement.

Although the language may be formal, a Buyer Representation Agreement should be seen as an important and mutually beneficial document. As a legal document, it is used to establish clear expectations and formalize your working relationship with your agent. The agreement will detail what services you are entitled to and what your representative expectations of you are in return.

If you are looking for your next home, contact Ann Huskey. Ann, a member of the Property Finders Team, is a dedicated buyer’s agent. Her fierce dedication and market knowledge will prove invaluable assets on your next home search.



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