Smart Homes: Not Just For The Jetsons

Smart homes, and smart living are no longer things of the future. What was at one time a quirky industry filled with space-age concepts rarely applicable to everyday living is now one of the fastest-growing consumer markets. Because of the industry’s expansive demand, more and  more tech companies are launching new and ever-improved smart home products.

How Smart Homes Work

Any  electronic device that you use in your home can be added to your home network. Once placed on your network, these devices are able to react on commands given either by remote control, voice, tablet, or smartphone. Often smart home applications control systems such as  home security, lighting, home theater, or temperature control.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things refers to the sprawling network of products and objects that are interconnected through our expanding  digital networks. Every electronic object within your home can and likely will join this technological revolution in the coming years.

The Best Smart Home Technology

  • ECOBEE3 – This smart thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere. The Ecobee3 is highly rated for its best overall feature set, and seemless mobile app.
  • NEST CAM – The Nestcam can be set up almost anywhere and features sharp night vision, two-way audio, and a fantastic digital zoom.
  • CHAMBERLAIN MYQ GARAGE – Forget garage door-opener-remotes. This smart device allows you to close or open your garage door from anywhere.
  • WEMO WI-FI BUNDLE – This smart home bundle allows you to control lights, fans, lamps, and small appliances easily with the use of your phone. The Wemo Switch can plug into any outlet, instantly raising your home’s IQ. Now every home can be a smart home.
  • AMAZON ECHO DOT – The Echo Dot may be half the price of other full-sized smart speakers, but its limited size does not affect the quality of its sound.

How To Set Up Your Smart Home

Many of these smart home products are available at home improvement stores, electronic stores, big box stores, and online. Often these smart home technologies also come with built-in support. Additionally, installation technicians can generally be procured within the store or online. When purchasing smart home technology, aim to get products that use the same technology (different manufacturers is okay.) If you have devices that utilize different technology a bridging device may be required to allow the products to work together.

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