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Yes, you heard me right. There is no need to check your hearing or your vision (as you are reading this.) There is a video rental store in Tallahassee. Once believed to be a thing of the past, video rental stores are making a comeback. Tallahassee’s very own Cap City Video Lounge proves that there is still a very active and interested group of video fans who will venture out to browse a physical collection of movies and select a rental.

However, the video lounge elevates the idea of a video store and offers much more than the typical store you may remember from bygone days. Cap city is equipped with a 47-seat theater which often plays host to viewings of cult classics. Video events such as these encourage communication and comradery within the sometimes isolated community of Tallahassee video buffs. You too can rent out the theater for special events. Special theater rental rates are generally priced at $1 per minute.

Interested in checking the selection for yourself?

Please do! The Cap City Video Lounge is more than happy to help new patrons, answer questions, and give recommendations.  So, check out the store located at 2790-2 West Tennessee St, but don’t expect to pay too much as most video rentals cost a mere $2.

For more information, visit the Cap City Facebook page here or call 850-765-0147.

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