Tallahassee Is A City That Loves Its Trees

We, the citizens of Tallahassee, are proud of our city’s green canopy. But, every time we encounter a Tropical system our city feels the negative impact of our choice to remain green. During these times, we often hear voices protesting our choice to maintain Tallahassee’s status as a Canopied City.

With this said, there are many benefits to living in a tree-dotted city. If you find yourself still be wondering if our canopies are worth the cost then read on and decide for yourself.

  1. Trees are the only infrastructure that increases in value over time.  –

    Our trees are a critical piece of our community’s infrastructure and provide Tallahassee residents with many economic, environmental, cultural, and health benefits that improve upon the quality of life.

  2.  The annual financial public benefits of trees to air quality add up. –

    Estimates based on statistics provided by City of Tallahassee in 2015 estimate the following benefits and total savings.

  • Sulfur Dioxide $3,353.99
  • Nitrogen Dioxide $32,345.60
  • Carbon Monoxide $37,998.98
  • Ozone $2,711,551.20
  • Particulate Matter $6,755,485.52
  • Carbon Dioxide $4,707,350.98
  • Particulate Matter $6,755,485.52
  • Total Annual Savings……………….$14,248,086

Keep in mind that these are just the savings related to air quality. This does not include savings the city experiences in relation to erosion control, stormwater management,  and the improved quality of water and soil.

Additionally, trees benefit our community by reducing the incidence of traffic accidents (think insurance savings,) and reduce wear on roads (think maintenance costs.)

3. Trees show a drastic effect on real estate values. –

Trees in all real estate markets produce measurable results in value. Trees are linked with increased real estate property sales, desirability, and increased rent values within city business districts.  Time and again, studies have shown that properties with mature trees sell for up to 37 percent more.

4. Trees keep our city cool. –

Trees reduce air and surface temperatures by 20 to 45 degrees. This cooling effect can mean savings for homeowners as well by reducing cooling costs by up to 50 percent.

5. Trees are linked to reduced incidence of crime. –

There some studies that show a reduced rate of violence and neighborhoods that feature green spaces and mature trees.


When trees are properly maintained, their benefits for homeowners and our community far outweigh the cost of removing, planting, protecting, and pruning.  Additionally, our trees are indelibly linked to the character and identity of our city, and this is a benefit that cannot be measured.

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