As the temperature in Florida’s Panhandle is on the rise, so too is Tallahassee’s housing market. You may have noticed that the birds are singing, the smell of jasmine is in the air, and Florida’s capital city is awash in colorful blooms. But, have you noticed that Tallahassee’s real estate market is abuzz with activity?

Home sale signs are popping up almost as quickly as the springtime lilies. However, just as quickly as the for sale signs are posted the sold signs spring up in their place. The market is Hot! In fact, many listings are not even making their way onto the MLS before they are sold. This bit of information is a testament to how healthy the Tallahassee real estate market is at this time.

In this competitive market, both buyers and sellers benefit from the expertise of a trusted team of real estate professional. For more information about buying or selling in Tallahassee, contact Ann Huskey of Property Finders Realty.

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