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Redemptive Love Farm Seeks New Home

This Saturday, accompanied by a Junior REALTOR®, I set out to tour the farm at 13800 Moccasin Gap Road. The farm located along a picturesque Tallahassee canopy road, is only a short drive from the more suburban North and Eastern quadrants of Tallahassee. However, there is nothing suburban about Moccasin Gap. Despite its convenience to the North and Eastern portions of town, it is set back in a rural world all its own.


Redemptive Love Farm and Petting Zoo Sets Its Sights On A New Home

Redemptive Love Farm and Petting Zoo sets its sights on a new home but first it must sell its current homestead. The owners of the Redemptive Love Farm and Petting Zoo are well-known in Tallahassee for their love of animals, Christ, and each other. The loving family of seven took a chance on farm living and left their Suburban Southwood home for farm living along Miccosukee’s canopy roads.