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Redemptive Love Farm and Petting Zoo sets its sights on a new home but first it must sell its current homestead. The owners of the Redemptive Love Farm and Petting Zoo  are well-known in Tallahassee for their love of animals, Christ, and each other. The loving family of seven took a chance on farm living and left their Suburban Southwood home for farm living along Miccosukee’s canopy roads.

Originally, the Carroll family was driven by the desire to spend more time with their seven adopted children. Their investment with the land and each other has paid of in big ways. Since starting the farm, the family has poured their love, time, and hard work into their current seven-acre property. Today,  the property bears the fruits of their labors and is home to a number of mature fruit trees and plants including  muscadine grape vine, wild blackberries, blueberry bushes, pear, pecan, lemon, Satsuma orange and grapefruit trees.

“It’s taken a lot, but we love it,” Shannon Carroll told reporters at WTXL, “Ee have just fallen in love with country and farming — and we’re farmers now!”

Currently, the family cares for more approximately 150 animals in total: cows, chickens, ducks, goats, bunnies, cats, dogs, and more. The family houses their animals in several fenced in enclosures and animal shelters that they have erected across their beautiful homestead.

Although the family homestead is located in Miccosukee, the family travels to the surrounding counties and brings their petting zoo to the hands of children within the Big Bend Area.

Recently, the family stumbled across a larger property with an old fixer-upper home on site. The Carroll family was immediately smitten. Now, the family has their sight set on moving to the new property with more room for their animals and children. But, before they can move, they need to sell their current Miccosukee home.

How You Can Help!

Help spread the word about this wonderful family. They are praying that they can sell their current home and move to a larger homestead that will allow them to grown and expand their business.


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