Staging your home room by room. Here is what you need to know.

Living Room:

The amount of light in a living space has a direct correlation to how buyers react to a property. The more light, the more appeal your home has to buyers. This is why it is crucial that you enhance the natural light within your home by opening all the shades, window coverings, and blinds. Additionally, staging the room with furniture of a lighter color can make the room appear large and enhance the effect.

Dining Room:

Set the dining room table. The place settings can bring interest to an area that otherwise may lack appeal. Create a focal point hoose a flattering floral centerpiece to bring additional interest to the area.

Bathroom and Kitchen:

Bathroom and kitchen areas are where you will get the most return on your investment. The average seller spends more than $1,000 in updates and gets more than $3,000 back. Simple updates can go a long way in these areas.

Staging these areas requires a little elbow grease and decluttering. Clear everything but the essentials from all of the countertops. After the decluttering, your space will look larger and more open.


Color coordinate your bedroom items as much as possible to give a cohesive and elegant look. A neutral color palate is best as it has the widest possible appeal. Declutter any personal items and add in a fee decorative pieces to give focus to the room’s surfaces.




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