Apart from the spectacle that is selling one’s own house, the holidays hold their own special kind of magic. During this time everything thing feels a bit more like home. The world opens up and invites us to enjoy dazzling lights, comforting smells, and an array of nostalgic displays.

From November to January, those who are selling their homes are given a special opportunity to stage their properties with a holiday glitz and glamour that allows the spaces to really shine.

1) Use a palate and stick to it

Neutral themes do exist during the holidays, but are a rarity. And, let’s face it, neutrals do not work for everyone’s lifestyle. However, during this special time, it’s okay to use bold colors. We caution though, you must be selective. The key to using color successfully during the holidays is limiting your the colors used and utilizing a color palate. We recommend sticking to a few key colors and then tying all of your holiday decor into the color theme of your choice.

2) Don’t overdo it
Too much of a good thing is still too much. Use the decor sparingly on countertops and surfaces. The staging rule of reducing clutter still applies during the holidays. Additionally, holiday keepsakes and mementos should be kept to a minimum. Although the holidays are always personal, it is best to remember that others will want to imagine their own holiday decor in the space. This task only becomes all the more challenging during this time of year.

3) Stay classy
Everyone loves a little bit of cheese during the holidays. However, although kitsch is fun, this may be the year that you hold back and stick to the basics. After all, you do want the focus to be home and not your very unique holiday items.

4) Keep committed to the holidays
Make room for your decorations by cutting back on your year-round decor. This is especially important if you have themed every-day decor that is not cohesive with your overall holiday color scheme or motif. Remember, less is more. So, when in doubt put it in the closet rather than leaving it out.

5) Ask a friend
Everyone has that one friend. The one who has a perfectly decorated home all year round. Call them up and ask them for their opinion on your holiday staging. For matters, such as these, it is great to get the input of others. Invite your friend over for a walk-through. Ask them if there is anything that they would edit in your living space. Most importantly, don’t take it personally if your friend gives you their honest opinion. They are doing you a favor and helping you appeal to more buyers!

The idea behind holiday staging is much like staging at other times of the year. You want to appeal to as many people as possible. However, during the holidays you are given a little more flexibility and room to have fun with your decor. Go with it!


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