house-1407562_1920Buying A Home For The First Time?

Buying a home is a huge endeavour. One  might even venture to say, that it is one of the largest purchases that you will ever make. As such, home buyers (especially first time home buyers) should research diligently and seek the help of a real estate professional when tackling the purchase of their new home.

However, even with the help of a trusted real estate professional, real estate transactions can easily go of track in some unexpected ways. Every first time home buyer has a story that is unique to their home’s purchase. The unplanned twists and turns during these transactions  can reveal hidden truths about the home buying process.

I have asked several first time home buyers to share their stories with others who are considering the purchase of their first home. It is my hope that by sharing these stories, first time home buyers will find the courage to take a leap of faith and begin a new life in a home of their very own.

The Home Buying Process

Now, buying a home, especially for the first time, is no easy task. The first step to the home buying process is planning. This means,  saving money, rehabbing /building  credit, paying off debts, and educating yourself about the home buying process. Once you have saved up some money for a down-payment, seek the help of a mortgage professional and get pre-approved for a home loan. With a better idea of what it is you can afford, you are able to begin the search process. Contact a real estate professional who understands your area and you are well on your way to buying the home of your dreams.

First Time Home Buyer Spotlight- Belinda McClellan

The first installment of the series highlights the experience of Belinda McClellan. At the time of her home purchase Ms. McClellan had just returned to Tallahassee after a three-year stint of living abroad. Recently returned, Belinda was living in the Rolling Hills Apartments located off John Knox  Road. Belinda and her husband were hopeful and, with their sights set on buying their first home, signed a six month lease at the apartment complex where a wooded area separated the apartments from the nearby Tallahassee Mall.

Finding The Right Motivation

The first week of their home search began in earnest. Belinda and her husband looked at a few homes but no decisions were made. The following week, the couple made their way out-of-town for a brief vacation. Upon returning home, Belinda’s neighbors informed her that while the couple was away a pygmy rattler had been discovered lounging in a planter resting outside her own front door and yet another found in the laundry room. That was it, Belinda had found her real motivation for buying a new home!

Without hesitation, Belinda called the real estate agent and informed her that she was ready to make a decision. Belinda decided that they would buy the first home that they had viewed the previous week. Without delay,  that afternoon, Belinda had the earnest money in hand and placed the deposit on the property.

Things moved quickly. So much so, in fact, that Belinda did not even wait to consult with her husband. After depositing the money, Belinda called her husband at his  work and informed them of their purchase.  Luckily,  he was on board as well!

The Bump In The Road

Thanks to some new reptilian neighbors, Belinda was an exceptionally motivated buyer. However, the transaction halted to a near stop when she discovered that the refrigerator had been left out of the contract. Belinda remembered clearly that the listing originally included the refrigerator. The exclusion of the cold bearing kitchen appliance confused the new home buyer and she asked the agent about the listing discrepancy. The agent explained that the seller wanted to take the fridge. Belinda dug her heels in, the fridge was a sticking point for her. It was included in the listing and she did not want to lose the appliance. Luckily, the contract was amended and Belinda was able to keep the refrigerator as part of the purchase.

A Homeowner At Last

Belinda’s story is like that of many first time home buyers. She was tired of renting, wanted a place to call her own, and found the motivation to move her towards a final purchase. For many its the idea of maintaining or repairing a property they don’t own. For others its finding the right place to settle in and start a family. Whatever the reason, home ownership is well worth the journey. The right home is an investment in your family, quality of life, and future. Recently, Belinda sold her first home. For years, the home provided shelter and a sense of security for her growing family. It just goes to show, home ownership is really just the beginning of a lifelong journey.

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