The Good News About Selling A Home With A Pool

Now that summer is here many homes and homebuyers have turned their attention to an often contested property feature: the pool. Let’s face it, nothing is more appealing during the height of the summer season in Florida than a dip in the cooling waters of a pool.

Pools, at their best, can accentuate an outdoor space by creating a great entertaining feature and wowing potential buyers. In the world of real estate,  a well-maintained, clean pool can easily become the crown jewel in a stunning outdoor setting.

The Bad News About Selling A Home With A Pool

There is bad news. Pools are not always fun and games for home sellers. Those who are looking to sell their homes quickly and at top dollar may unintentionally scare off potential buyers if their pools are not looking their very best.

How We Can Help You Sell A Home With A pool

Fortunately, real estate professionals in Tallahassee are well versed in pool properties and are able to help sellers chart an appropriate course of action when selling their homes. Foremost, when selling your pool home it is important to be upfront and honest with your Realtor about your pool’s maintenance history. With this knowledge, your realtor will be able to help to chart the best course of action to get your pool in its top-selling form.

In addition to working with your REALTOR®,  here are several other tips that have helped buyers make the move on pool homes.

  1. Keep the pool shiny and tidy – Now is the time to double down on your pool cleaning routine.
  2. Stage your poolside area – A well-staged pool area helps buyers see how the outdoor space could enhance their lifestyle.
  3. Offer the pool equipment – be sure to include any pool equipment in your listing. This often overlooked detail can make a world of difference for home buyers who are on the fence.
  4. Keep and display records – add your pool maintenance records to your listing book. Records of items such as pump replacements and the contact information for your “pool person” can be very useful to potential buyers.

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