Drum roll, please… Pantone has reached a decision. They have picked a color of the year for 2018. This is a color that will influence interior designers worldwide and, like 2017, it is to be yet another shocking and unexpected hue.


The color Ultra Violet is a bright and versatile shade of amethyst-like purple. Seen in the natural world in starry skies over Alaska and the deep summer blooms of hyrdanagas, the lovely violet is the dreamy color of deep reflection and youthful exubarence. Versatile and equally able, in both mature and youthful pallates, the mystical shade is non-conforming, thoughtful, individualstic, and deeply spirtual in its nature.

I have collected images of some gorgeous examples of how to use Ultra Violet in the interior of your home. Check out my pinterest board for your home design inspiration!

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