The development of the toll road, Orchard Pond Parkway, creates a convenient, fast, and beautiful drive for many residents of Tallahassee. The scenic road connects the Northeastern quadrant of Tallahassee to the Northwestern section of the city.

The historic Orchard Pond Road was first built in the 1800s. The centuries-old path was built alongside the developement of Governor Call’s Orchard Pond Plantation. Until recently, the scenic path was a privately owned canopy road that was cherished for its immense beauty.

Today the road shares its beauty with many Tallahassee residents. Thanks to the vision of the road’s land owner, Orchard Pond Road has become a parkway that boasts wonderous views of Tallahassee’s majestic wildlife and a state-of-the-art bike path.

Those who would like to enjoy the road’s inherent beauty and shave time of their morning commute can contact  SunPass  at  1-888-865-5352  or visit for more information.


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