If you are like me then you love driving through midtown and seeing the quaint bungalow and cute cottages adorned with their classic, quirky, and charming details which make them so quintessentially midtown.

There are many wonderful homes for sale in Midtown currently. The median price on a midtown home is $239,000 and the average square footage is more compact than homes found a little further north. However, as many midtown homes are older, what they lack in square footage they make up for in charm and location.

Looking for a home in Midtown? This list is for you! Check out these ideas for your next Midtown home!

Cute Cottage Garden – Gardens are important in Tallahassee but especially in Midtown. The charming in-town area is a beautiful sight of interesting landscapes and lush garden cottages. Nearly every midtown home is equipped with its own special outdoor space to frame its charming facade.


Unique Mailbox – I have seen modern mailboxes such as the one pictured above on several midtown homes. The unique area is a magnet for interesting and expressive homes, mailboxes, and etc. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of interest to your next Midtown home’s mailbox.


Granite Counters – If your classic Midtown home comes with a dated kitchen, consider updating to granite. When it is time to resell, this is one upgrade which will have staying power and will boost your home’s appeal to buyers.


Clawfoot Tub – Play up the vintage appeal of your Midtown home by creating a luxurious spa-like bathroom with a clawfoot tub.

Window Boxes – Floral arrangments flanking your home look great anywhere, but there is something especially beautiful about a home in Midtown with window boxes. If your not especially crafty, no worries. You can pick up some boxes from your nearest big box home improvement store.

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