Honoring our past means honoring those who came before us who changed the world we live in. Many of those who have made a huge impact on history did so just by doing what they love to the best of their abilities.  George Proctor is no exception. Proctor was a Tallahassee man who first came to town from the Bahamas in the 1830s. He was a carpenter and is responsible for the many of Tallahassee’s most beloved homes, including the Knott House.




Proctor constructed several homes in the Tallahassee area including the Knott House, the Murphy House in 1838, the Randall-Lewis House in 1835, the Rutgers House in 1848 as well as the Chaires House in 1844.

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  1. Hello Ann,
    I am a descendant of George Proctor. I was not in attendance at the Nov 3rd event,
    in Tallahassee, celebrating George’s contributions. Since then, however, I have gotten
    so many leads about my relatives, especially, Antonio, George and John Proctor. Indeed,
    I thank you for this article and all you have done on this subject.

    • Bernice, I am so glad that you enjoyed the article! It is wonderful to meet (online) one of his descendants! Thank you for the kind words! – Ann

    • Hello I am a descendant of George. George was my Great great great great grand father and I am just researching for information for my family. This has really helped me and I really want to thank you for this information .

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