These days in Tallahassee, it seems that you can not turn the corner without seeing some exciting new development or construction project. It is obvious to many that change has come to Tallahassee and that the once sleepy North Florida city is alive with opportunities for education, culture, and recreation.

Not only has Tallahassee developed amazing spaces such as Cascades Park, but it has become the home to a handful of breweries, start-up tech firms, and many more fantastic new developments. This week, Tallahassee’s most innovative minds shared a handful of the capital city’s exciting new prospects .

The event “Fast Forward” Tallahassee, co-sponsored  by Leon County, the City of Tallahassee, Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI), Leadership Tallahassee, and the Tallahassee Democrat took place on May 5th and featured the latest and greatest that the growing city has to offer.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out some of the prospects outlined in this year’s Fast Forward Tallahassee Summit, do not be dismayed. We have compiled a list of this year’s highlights. However, as you can see, the best is yet to come!

1) Aerial Tallahassee

2) Tallahassee Job Hop’s tech tours 

3) Solar farms

4) Urban Tallahassee developments

6) The coming railroad!

7) Pedestrian bridges and bike trails

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