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Vision Board Workshop

We are too often so absorbed in making a living, that we do not take the time to create a life. And time is exactly what it takes to create a vision for what you want to have, to be, or to do with your life.

In This Workshop We Will:

Harness the Power of Visualization
Clarify your intention
Create a beautiful collage that represents the life you want
Develop a set of steps that will guide your actions towards your new life

My History With Vision Boards

Nineteen was my age when I made my first vision board. I remember very clearly that Brittney Spears had just come out with her new song, I’m not a girl, Not yet a woman.

I used to think
I had the answers to everything
But now I know
That life doesn’t always
Go my way, yeah
Feels like I’m caught in the middle
That’s when I realize

I’m not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While I’m in between

I’m not a girl
There is no need to protect me
It’s time that I
Learn to face up to this on my own
I’ve seen so much more than you know now
So don’t tell me to shut my eyes

I’m not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While I’m in between

I’m not a girl
But if you look at me closely
You will see it in my eyes
This girl will always find
Her way
I’m not a girl don’t tell me what to believe
I’m just tryin’ to find the woman in me, yeah
all I need is time
that’s mine
While I’m in between

I’m not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While I’m in between

I’m not a girl
Oh Not yet a woman

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For non-commercial use only.
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Ok, sentiment aside, I did feel like Brittney Spears. I was a 19-year-old girl, and I was living on my own. I was not yet ready to take care of myself, but I was trying my best to. It was a transition period for me. I really felt that I needed to gather some direction. Until that point, I had just coasted along. I did not set goals. I had no idea what I wanted to do.

One day, at the local bookstore, I came across a book called “Teen Goddess.”  I picked up the book and was pleasantly surprised that it was really all about finding strong female role models and empowering yourself.

There was a portion of the Teen Goddess work book where you were encouraged to create a vision board, and I did just that. It was my very first vision board. I realized that I wanted to create a garden, be happy, be confident, and do well in school. I did all of these things and more. Really, this vision board helped me understand what it was that I wanted and helped me to feel that it was attainable.

The success of the first vision board always stuck with me. The next time that I came to a major crossroads in my life, I made another vision board. Once again, I was able to manifest (through work) all of the goals on my vision board.

Because of my own experiences, I am a firm believer in the power of visualization. I have seen how it can work in my own life, and I believe that it can work in yours as well.

Who, What, When & Where

WHO: Currently, I am a Realtor. However, this workshop is for anyone. I realized the need for this workshop while working as a Realtor. Many folks who I come across do not believe that they are able to achieve their goals of homeownership. I know that overcoming these limiting beliefs often are the biggest hurdle in reaching the goal. This is true of any goal.

WHAT: The workshop is FREE but has limited space, and will last approximately 1-2 hours. The bulk of the workshop is spent in creating the collage. However, you can bring in your own images if you have a very specific vision or goal.

WHEN: Currently, there are two times offered. The first is a weekday class. Unfortunately, this class is already filled. The second class is on Saturday, August 12th from 1-3 PM.

WHERE: The classes are held at the Keller Williams Building at 1520 Killearn Center Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32309. The Saturday class will be in the large room on the second floor.

RSVP:  Ann Huskey – or 850-212-1982

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