Dear Future Buyer,
Congratulations! You have just made it past one of the biggest hurdles on the road towards owning your new home. Now that we are “under contract” there are a few more pit stops along the road towards “closing.”

    1. Financing Application: Now is the time to complete your financing application with the lender of your choice. You want to get this locked within the next 5 days.
    2. Earnest Money Deposit: You have 5 days to get the deposit to me in the form of a check. The check will be payable to the title company. I will take the deposit and in turn, give it to my broker. She will record the receipt of the deposit and transfer it to the title company who will also acknowledge the receipt of the deposit. This money will stay in trust with the title company until the closing.
    3. Inspections: We will need to schedule some inspections. With your current contract we have 15 days to schedule, complete, review the results of the inspections, and notify the sellers of any repairs.
        • WDO
        • POOL
        • HOME * WIND MIT. * 4 POINT
        • SEPTIC
        • WELL/ WATER TEST
        • RADON
    4. Underwriting: After inspections are complete and repairs are agreed upon, your file will be in underwriting with the lender. They may ask you for additional things at this point. The sooner you can get these things to them the better.Before you can get your Loan approved you will need a couple of things:
      • Appraisal – At this point, you will get the appraisal ordered as well. The price on these varies. The appraisal is required for your loan. This is something that the lender will help you order.
      • Homeowners Insurance – Homeowners insurance will be required by your lender. Luckily, you have time to shop rates and find an insurance company that you like. Let me know if you would like me to recommend any insurance brokers or providers to you.
      • Survey – About two weeks from closing, we will order a survey. The survey is required for title insurance which is required by your lender. This will be sent to the title company and paid at closing.
  1. Closing: This is just what you have been waiting for; Paperwork! The closing will be held on the closing date in your contract at the Title Company. – VERY IMPORTANT: Bring your ID

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