pine-1363119_1920Along the pristine Crooked River in Carrabelle, a new subdivision, centered around conservation, allows its residents to live harmoniously with the unique wildlife of the region. Black Bear Bayou is nestled on 45 acres on a wide peninsula abutting a river.  Lots within the burgeoning community enjoy astonishing panoramic views of the waterway and Tate’s Hell, which lays in the forest beyond the headland.

Jon Johnson, the former Executive Director of St. Francis Wildlife Association, envisioned the subdivision the lands surrounding the coastal community as a natural retreat for homeowners. As an accomplished wildlife photographer and nature lover, Johnson wanted to create a place where people have the opportunity to live in nature and enjoy the beauty that he had become so familiar with in his explorations.

Each lot was carefully laid out and carefully weighs the environmental impact so that it will do the least harm to the natural ecosystem of the surrounding area. Each property, therefore, has a large natural buffer separating it from its neighbor.   has a natural barrier of forest between it and its neighboring lot. The lots range in size from 2 – 11 acres. Pricing for each lot is between $59,000 – $649,000, depending on the location, features and size.

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