Even on a tight budget, there are things you can do to add great value to your home. In fact, some of the biggest returns can be found in easy-to-complete DIY projects.

  1. Landscaping

    Your home’s yard is its first chance to make an impression. It is critical that the front yard holds appeal for potential buyers. This is why changes to your home’s landscaping can pay off big. In fact, spending $300-400 on your yard can produce $1,500 – 2,000 in added value.

  2. Replace the Front Door

    Replacing your front door is an easy change that can pay off. Most front doors cost between $150-500. If the door is steel, you can expect a 129% ROI for your new door!

  3. Update Fixtures

    Fixtures such as outlet covers, switch plates, curtain rods, door knobs, and light fixtures are often overlooked. However, putting a little time into changing these fixtures can make a drastic difference in your home’s appearance.

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