Recently, I sat down with Tristan, a budding real estate enthusiast, and had a conversation about what makes Tallahassee real estate so special. Check out my interview with a budding junior agent and see the Tally real estate market through the eyes of a child.


What would you say to someone buying a home?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a home is. It only matters that you have one.

Do you think it is important that people have homes? 

Yes, so they do not have to live in the wild or in a small apartment.

What would your dream home be?

One with a huge swimming pool, a nice bedroom, and with a nice comfy couch with a three foot television.

Do you think there are really nice homes in Tallahassee?


Where have you seen nice homes?


Do you like any neighborhoods in Tallahassee?

Our Neighborhood.


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