10 Reasons Why You Need A REALTOR® – Buying and selling a home can be a complex process. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Call a REALTOR® Today. Ann Huskey – 850-212-1982

  1. REALTORS® Reduce Risk – Realtors know the local market. They understand the market conditions and can help you price a home for buying or selling purposes in line with market standards.
  2. REALTORS® Know The Market – Realtors bring to the table valuable industry knowledge. Additionally, a local REALTOR® will possess intimate knowledge of the market and neighborhood where you are buying or selling. This means that a REALTOR® will help you buy the right home for the most favorable terms.
  3. REALTORS® Can Guide The Complexities Of The Transaction –  REALTORS® understand the details of what can be for many a complex transaction. This can be helpful for buyers and sellers who are struggling to navigate the process.
  4. REALTORS® Negotiate on your behalf – Negotiating the price and terms of contracts for buyers and sellers is one of the many benefits of employing the help of a REALTOR®.  Using a REALTOR® to complete your negotiations may yield more benefits than you originally expected. As REALTORS® like to say, “Everything is negotiable.”
  5. REALTORS® Are Efficient – REALTORS® have the experience of understanding the process and the knowledge of how to best organize the home selling or buying process. As a result, REALTORS® work quickly and efficiently in helping you meet your real estate needs.
  6. REALTORS® Have The Ability To Estimate Market Value – Armed with their knowledge of the local markets and conditions, REALTORS® are able to help you price any given home.
  7. REALTORS® Network – REALTORS® are professional networkers. They belong to MLS Boards and other networking groups. With so many contacts, working with a REALTOR® means that you are automatically linked with thousands of buyers and sellers in within your area.
  8. REALTORS® Know Other Home Professionals – REALTORS® are able to help you find local mortgage professionals, home inspectors, pest inspectors, foundations specialists,  contractors, and more. Having easy  access to these professionals streamlines the home buying and selling process.
  9. REALTORS® Can Offer A Professional Point-Of-View – Home buyers and sellers can easily get emotional during the buying or selling process. During those times, a REALTOR® can offer a professional and objective point of view to put things in perspective.
  10. REALTORS® Stay Updated-  Rules and regulations that affect the housing market are ever-changing. This is why, REALTORS® are lifelong students. REALTORS® keep themselves updated regarding changing laws, regulations, and market trends.

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