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Chilling True Life Tallahassee Tales & Real Life Haunts

Few know that located in the Arbor Hills community adjacent to Killearn Estates are the remains of a once massive Prehistoric Native American Village. Known today as the Velda Mound, A chain length fence, a smattering of benches, and a thick covering of trees cloak the ancient mound.

THE DEAL in Real Estate 6/15/2018

This week we have some great deals! It was tough picking just 8 but we somehow managed! Also, let us know if you are interested in seeing the ones that “almost” made the cut! I did hold back some amazing deals in Tallahassee real estate.


Great Time To Sell In Arbor Hills

Current home buyers are extremely interested in Arbor Hills homes. From January 2016 to January 2017, the median home sales price for homes in Arbor Hills was $155,000, and 19 homes have sold within this timeframe.


Arbor Hills September Market Update

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Market Activity In 32309

The Tallahassee real estate market is strong. Homes are selling quickly and home values continue to rise. A true seller’s market; this is a great time to sell your home in Tallahassee. Currently, homes and properties in the northeast corridor of Tallahassee are especially popular. Those selling your home in Killearn Estates, Killearn Acres, or Arbor Hills can rely on the Property Finders Team to sell your home quickly and for top-dollar. Recently, one of our listings in 32309 sold after only one week on the market!


32309 Real Estate Market Activity Report

It is no surprise, but homes are selling quickly in the Northeast Tallahassee corridor. The average property located in the 32309 zip code is only on the market for 57 days. In fact, if your home is not selling after two months in Tallahassee, it is time to rethink your marketing strategy, price, or consider some renovations. All over Tallahassee the real estate market is active and homes are sold at a dizzying pace.