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32309 Real Estate Market Activity Report

It is no surprise, but homes are selling quickly in the Northeast Tallahassee corridor. The average property located in the 32309 zip code is only on the market for 57 days. In fact, if your home is not selling after two months in Tallahassee, it is time to rethink your marketing strategy, price, or consider some renovations. All over Tallahassee the real estate market is active and homes are sold at a dizzying pace.


Buying or Selling Without An Agent?

Going It Alone? –
Buying and selling properties can be quite a difficult challenge. Even the most seasoned professionals are up against changing markets, constantly evolving real estate laws, and the difficulty of navigating a complex real estate landscape.


The Possibilities Are Endless

The future is here. Sure we haven’t quite mastered the hover-board, and flying cars have not yet arrived, but we are well on our way to perfecting some fantastic/futuristic technology that will change the way that we live our lives, do business, and approach real estate. The real estate word is responding to the release of Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Google’s ever evolving mission to bring VR to the masses with unbridled enthusiasm . As a result, the virtual reality home-tour is developing at a rapid pace. The possibilities offered up by this technology are exciting to say the least.


NAR: Pending home sales at a 10-year high

WASHINGTON – May 26, 2016 – Pending home sales rose for the third consecutive month in April and reached their highest level in over a decade, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).


Remodeling Projects with the Greatest Return

Not all home renovations are created equal. Some home improvement projects add value to your home and some do not. Deciding which projects to undertake can be as simple as weighting the cost and benefits of that particular remodel.


Home Buying – What Millennials Really Want

Over the years, a trend has formed. Article upon article, stating that it has the answer, “What Millennials Want.” Unfortunately, most of these articles are wrong. The truth is, many of the people writing these articles hail from another generation who seek to understand Millennials with little or no success. This is because much of the consumer data gathered on Millennials was misleading. Millennials, more than any other generation, are saddled with debt.


Tallahassee Real Estate Market Activity For 32309

Things are really heating up in the 32309 area code. The Killearn area real estate market is really hot these days. In fact, the average 32309 listing is only on the market for two months. Buyers who are looking in the area need to act fast.

+ Tallahassee Parade Of Homes

Parade Of Homes – May 14 & 15

The annual Tallahassee Parade Of Homes is upon us again. The two-weekend annual event features the finest home builds that Tallahassee has to offer. Those in search of new construction or those who are curious about the latest in home design are invited to attend what will mark the last weekend of the Parade Of Homes event on May 14th and 15th. This Saturday and Sunday, visit some of the beautiful homes constructed by the trusted members of the Tallahassee Builders Association and check out some of the homes listed below.


Tallahassee’s Housing Market Is Heating Up

As the temperature in Florida’s Panhandle is on the rise, so too is Tallahassee’s housing market. You may have noticed that the birds are singing, the smell of jasmine is in the air, and Florida’s capital city is awash in colorful blooms. But, have you noticed that Tallahassee’s real estate market is abuzz with activity?