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Buyers Guide To Financing A Home

Setting A Budget The budget you would like to have and the budget you should have are two different things. Use receipts of past purchases to inform your budget. This will help you understand how much money you actually have to spend on housing. Tracking expenses will also give you insight about possible savings. Debt Reduction Debt to income ratio or DTI is something … Read More Buyers Guide To Financing A Home


The First Step To Buying: Mortgage Preapproval

Seeking preapproval from a lender a year before you begin house hunting will give you an advantage. Starting early can be beneficial as you can clear any issues and lock in the best rate possible.


Downpayment Assistance In Tallahassee

For first time homebuyers in Tallahassee, the TLC’s Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program offers a no-interest loan to help pay for closing costs and the home’s initial downpayment. The loan covers costs in an amount up to $7,000 for homes that are purchased within Tallahassee city limits.