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How To De-Clutter Your Life Marie Kondo Style!

How To De-Clutter Your Life Marie Kondo Style! We made our New Year’s resolutions. And, for many of us, that means that we want to improve our living space.

THE DEAL – Tallahassee Real Estate – 7/13/18

This week on the DEAL we are sharing some real “real estate deals” in Tallahassee. There are not many but we have a finger on the pulse of the real estate market here in the big bend!


Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Home

Establishing a relationship with your new home begins long before you move in with the furniture. Understanding your home, its construction and layout are essential when laying the groundwork for how you interact with your home for years to come. So, before you make your move permanent ask the seller a few pertinent questions and learn the ins-and-outs of your new home.


First Time Homebuyer Loans Become Yet More Affordable

Good news! Mortgage insurance premiums on FHA loans are set to decrease by 0.25% on Federal Housing Administration–insured mortgage loans that close on or after Jan. 27.