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Pantone’s Color Of The Year: 2018

Drum roll, please… Pantone has reached a decision. They have picked a color of the year for 2018. This is a color that will influence interior designers worldwide and, like 2017, it is to be yet another shocking and unexpected hue.


2017 Home Design And Decor Trends

In previous years, the color white was king. White kitchens, white furniture, white accessories: all supremely popular. However, that all is changing. 2017 brings many changes, including a darker color palate. Pops of verdant green and dark blue walls are common among the most celebrated 2017 home designs. Check out what is trending in the world of home decor and design in 2017.


5 Decorating Tips for Getting Scale Right (14 photos) — Houzz

Having a firm grasp on scale is one of the most important aspects of designing a room that looks and feels right. Scale is the visual representation of size and how objects interact with one another in any given space. For example, the size of a chair relative to the lamp and table beside it…