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RED DAY – Renew, Energize, Donate this May 10th

This year we are making a difference in the lives of others and bettering our community by giving back to Tallahassee’s more than 300 kids who are currently in foster care. When children enter foster care or are transitioning between homes, they are usually given empty suitcases, when available. The new homes may fill these suitcases and the children may leave with new and loved items. But, that first night is the hardest. The new parents have to rush to prepare the house and buy supplies. Here is how you can help!!!! 


Evening Rose – First Week Of November Fall Gardening Kick OFF

Happy first week of November! This week at Evening Rose, we kicked off the Fall Growing Season with a Fall Gardening Workshop. 


What You Need To Know About Evening Rose!


Check it out for yourself this weekend and see if you can imagine living in this story-book community. We will be opening up, for the first time, a newly constructed home to the public. Located at 3453 Austin Davis Ave, this may be your only opportunity to own a new build for this price that’s convenient to everything. 


Eldridge Home Team Brings Kindness Back To The Community

For the last month, The Eldridge Home Team has been uplifting the emotional landscape of Tallahassee with random acts of kindness. We are committed to performing 100 acts in 100 days and we still have over 60 more to go.  Not only will we be sharing the things we are doing as a team, but we will also be highlighting the amazing things people are doing throughout our beautiful city. Share the love Tallahassee! Follow our journey with the hashtag: #100days100acts


Centerville Conservation

A drive down one of Tallahassee’s most beautiful canopy roads will lead you to the serene community of Centerville Conservation. The NE Tallahassee conservation community is located in a quiet corner of Tallahassee’s northeast that remains convenient to everything. 


Black Bear Bayou

Along the pristine Crooked River in Carrabelle, a new subdivision, centered around conservation, allows its residents to live harmoniously with the unique wildlife of the region. Black Bear Bayou is nestled on 45 acres on a wide peninsula abutting a river. Lots within the burgeoning community enjoy astonishing panoramic views of the waterway and Tate’s Hell, which lays in the forest beyond the headland.