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THE DEAL – Tallahassee Real Estate – 7/13/18

This week on the DEAL we are sharing some real “real estate deals” in Tallahassee. There are not many but we have a finger on the pulse of the real estate market here in the big bend!

THE DEAL in Real Estate 6/15/2018

This week we have some great deals! It was tough picking just 8 but we somehow managed! Also, let us know if you are interested in seeing the ones that “almost” made the cut! I did hold back some amazing deals in Tallahassee real estate.


Cascades Park Needs Your Vote!

Tally friends and family, Cascades Park needs your vote! The beautiful park could be named one of the Great Places in Florida! APA Florida has named Cascades as one of 5 finalists for 2016. You can help Tallahassee win! Vote today at bit.ly/2dEGlV1 and share with all your friends!


Cascades Park: Tallahassee’s Past Made Present

The area that is today known as Cascades Park was an important landmark for Tallahassee long before the area’s official European settlement. Even before the Spanish arrived in Florida, Cascades was home to a natural water source that attracted Florida’s inhabitants. Today, what was once a gathering spot for the area’s thirsty travelers and hunters has emerged as the city’s latest and greatest attraction. The sprawling park is located less than a quarter of a mile from the state capitol building. The larger-than-life park features a fantastic amphitheater, multiple play-scapes, trails, and historical tributes.