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Mortgage Rates Down!

The shutdown could give you a chance to grab a good mortgage rate.


The Difference Between A Deposit And A Down Payment

Many of the terms used by real estate professionals are confusing when you are buying a home for the first time. In my experience, two of the most confusing and misunderstood terms used are “deposit” and “down payment.” They both require cash from a buyer. So, you may ask, “What’s the difference?


Financial Planning For Your Future Home Purchase

It is never too early

Buying a home takes considerable financial planning and resources. This is why it is never too early to start planning your future home purchase. 


Two VA Loans At The Same Time – Can it be done?

Recently I was asked a hypothetical question from another real estate professional. The gist of it was “Can you have more than one VA loan at the same time?”


Great News For Home Buyers

Fannie Mae, the country’s largest mortgage money source, will soon be easing its debt-to-income restrictions. This change has the potential to open the door to many new buyers who were previously unable to qualify. The DTI ceiling will be raised from its current 45 percent to 50 percent on July 29.


All About VA Entitlement

The concept of VA entitlement is often a confusing one. Yes, our Veterans have sacrificed for our country and deserve homeownership. However, that is not what VA entitlement is speaking to specifically.


How To Buy A Home

Ready to buy a home? Perhaps, you like many home buyers want to begin the process but are not really sure what it entails. Follow our quick outline and write down any questions you have about the process. Take your questions to your Realtor and mortgage broker for a more in-depth understanding of the home buying process.


Home Loans With Little Or No Down Payments

Getting over the down payment hurdle can be tough. For first time home buyers, it may feel impossible. However, getting a loan on a home may not be as difficult as you think. With these no or low down payment options, buying a new home is within your reach.


First Time Homebuyer Loans Become Yet More Affordable

Good news! Mortgage insurance premiums on FHA loans are set to decrease by 0.25% on Federal Housing Administration–insured mortgage loans that close on or after Jan. 27.


What Should I know About VA Loans?

More often than ever, today’s veterans are taking advantage of VA home loans. With zero down payment, no mortgage insurance, and flexible standards for credit, VA loans are, hands down, the best loan available on the market. Because of these reasons, if you know someone who is veteran or has some military affiliation, it may be worthwhile to explore VA loans as a possible road to homeownership.


Mortgage Types

FHA Mortgage – Offers low down payments and is backed by the U.S. Government. –

USDA Mortgage – Zero down payment mortgage available in rural areas. –

Conforming mortgage – Mortgages which meet the guidelines of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae offer down payments as low as 3%.