New Hope For Those Wishing To Buy With Student Loan Debt

family-1016311_960_720Many have wondered why borrowers can’t refinance their student loan debt. In fact, this question is so common that recently it was brought to Capital Hill by a group of concerned REALTORS®.

As you are probably aware, refinancing the mortgage on a home can help homeowners in dire financial trouble stay in their homes rather than losing them to foreclosure. This begs the question, why can’t those who are paying back debt on their student loans do the same.

Additionally, extending the ability for student loan borrowers to refinance their debt could open up the opportunity of home ownership to many who would have previously been excluded. This ability could allow certain borrowers to qualify for mortgage loans that would have previously been out of their reach. With this in mind, the National Association of Realtors recently backed a piece of legislation called the “The Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act”.  Additionally, the legislation would make changes in the underwriting process and ensure that loan applicants were not penalized unfairly for having student loan debt.

The NAR’s involvement in the issue is well-timed as student loan debt is at an all time peak. Seventy percent of students walk away from college with debt. Additionally, many older consumers are burdened by student loan debt that they have accumulated on behalf of their children or are still paying of their own loans.


Source: NAR


Home Buying – What Millennials Really Want


Over the years, a trend has formed. Article upon article, stating that it has the answer, “What Millennials Want.” Unfortunately, most of these articles are wrong. The truth is, many of the people writing these articles hail from another generation who seek to understand Millennials with little or no success. This is because much of the consumer data gathered on Millennials was misleading. Millennials, more than any other generation, are saddled with debt.

Born between 1975 and 1995, Millennials currently comprise about one-third of the total population in the United States. Trends that have weakened the Millennial buying power include increased student loan debt, a week job market, and delays in marriage. However, despite their caution, millennials are buying and what they want may surprise you.

Millennials are turning out in the real estate market and buying in unprecedented numbers. The strange new brand of home buyer is often buying before marriage, looking at real estate as an investment, and looking for short-term ownership opportunities.


Millennials Want To Buy

A survey by Fannie Mae in 2014 found that 57% Millennial renters wanted to rent, but that financial reasons such as credit, income, and down payment costs prevented the, from doing so. Within the same survey, 49% of Millennials said their next move would be home ownership. Two years later, and we are seeing many of these buyers enter the market with better credit, more savings, and an enthusiasm for real estate.

What Millennials Want

Millennials are the biggest group buying homes right now. In fact, 32% of home buyers are Millennial buyers with a median age of 29. A staggering 68% of homebuyers under the age of 34 are buying their homes for the first time. This large group of first time home buyers is looking for homes in great neighborhoods, with access to good schools, and easy transportation routes.

The most important factors for Millennial home buyers when choosing a home are:

    • Quality of neighborhood
    • Convenience to job
    • Overall affordability
    • Convenience to family and friends
    • Quality of schools

Most of the young homebuyers surveyed (84 % of buyers under 33) consider buying a home to be a good investment. These savvy homebuyers are entering the market cautiously with a pragmatic attitude towards buying. Many seek fixer uppers, others seek homes that are projected to increase in value. Either way, Millennials understand that real estate is a fantastic investment in their future.

By far, the largest number of Millennial buyers (50% ) are buying their homes in subdivisions and suburbs. The internet savvy, well-educated Millennials often begin their home search online and more than 75% of these buyers visited a home after finding it on the internet. The Millennial approach to home buying is creating waves in the real estate market. More than ever, Realtors looking to appeal to buyers need to develop well-thought-out internet marketing strategies. In order to keep up with the new generation, real estate professionals will need to think ahead and strategize with future technologies in mind.




Tallahassee Real Estate Market Activity For 32309

house-186400.jpgThings are really heating up in the 32309 area code. The Killearn area real estate market is really hot these days. In fact, the average 32309 listing is only on the market for two months. Buyers who are looking in the area need to act fast.

For those who are considering putting their home on the market, now is the time! Your home will get sold and the potential to get multiple offers if located in the 32309 area code.

Home buyers who are looking for their next home in the Killearn area should first get pre-qualified for a loan. Without this vital step, homeowners will not be able to effectively bid in a competitive market.

For the complete report, please click here.

+ Retiring Tallahassee

Retiring Soon? Downsizing May Be Right For You!

Retiring Soon? Downsizing May Be The Right Choice!

Retiring TallahasseeIf you are one of the millions of Americans who are hitting the age of retirement, then you should consider your options. Retirement offers you new possibilities for hobbies, travel, and additional time to spend with family and friends. Making the most of this free time may mean letting go of those things that are holding you back from enjoying your retirement in its fullness. For many retirees, large and cumbersome single family dwellings are a strain on financial resources, require tiresome maintenance, and no longer fit the individual needs of many retirees. Luckily selling these outmoded properties benefit retirees in many ways.

  • Downsizing Gives You Extra Cash – The money you make from the sale of your home can be used to finance your dreams or put away for your future. Either way, why not start this new phase of your life with some extra money in your pocket?
  • Downsizing Saves You Money – Living on social security, your savings, pensions, and retirement funds, often means that you are now living off a fixed income. Thus, saving money is all the more important. Downsizing your home is a great way to save. A smaller home will cost you less in taxes, utilities, mortgage, and home insurance.
  • An Opportunity To Move – Downsizing your home is a wonderful opportunity. When you make the choice to move into a smaller home, you are also granted the opportunity to decide what home is right for you. This exciting choice can mean moving into a home that you love. Perhaps, you can even move closer to friends or family.
  • Downsizing Means Less Maintenance – If you are considering downsizing your home, then you may be plagued with extra bathrooms, extra rooms, and extra space. The unused square footage in your home can quickly become an undue burden that requires unnecessary maintenance. When you make the choice to downsize, you are freeing yourself of this obligation.

Still unsure? Contact Ann Huskey at Property Finders Realty and let us show you how downsizing could change your life! Call Ann at 850.212.1982

+ Tallahassee Parade Of Homes

Parade Of Homes – May 14 & 15

The annual Tallahassee Parade Of Homes is upon us again. The two-weekend annual event features the finest home builds that Tallahassee has to offer. Those in search of new construction or those who are curious about the latest in home design are invited to attend what will mark the last weekend of the Parade Of Homes event on May 14th and 15th. This Saturday and Sunday, visit some of the beautiful homes constructed by the trusted members of the Tallahassee Builders Association and check out some of the homes listed below.

  • ADAMS QUALITY HOMES, INC. –  5704 Sumterhill Lane (Bull Run) / $369,900
  • BRIDGEWATER BUILDERS , LLC  –  511  Frank Shaw Road ( Pine Tip Hills) / $800,000
  • GWALTNEY CONSTRUCTION –  8021 Pickwick Court / $925,000
  • HARTSFIELD CONSTRUCTION –  994 Bloomington Ave / $114,900
  • KESSLER CONSTRUCTION –  4969 Southern Oaks Drive  (SOUTHERN OAKS) / $808,000
  • NORTHSTAR HOMES INC. –  COTTAGES OF MAHAN – 344 Gathering Oaks Drive / $279,000
  • PANHANDLE BUILDING SERVICES – 6292 Amanda Nicole Court / $590,000
  • PITMAN’S CUSTOM CONSTRUCTION – 2217 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32308 / $1,089,000
  • PITMAN’S CUSTOM CONSTRUCTION – 2225 Blakely Court, Tallahassee, FL 32301 / $399,900
  • POWERHOUSE CONSTRUCTION –  4629 White Pass / $550,000
  • PREMIER CONSTRUCTION –  3673 Velda oaks Circle (VELDA OAKS ) / $266,790
  • PREMIER CONSTRUCTION –  8757 Greenridge Lane ( CHASTAIN MANOR ) / $285,723
  • PREMIER CONSTRUCTION – 8012 Seclusion Lane ( HILL N DALE ) / $382,379
  • PREMIER CONSTRUCTION – 2501 Lantana Lane (SOUTHWOOD ) / $398,013
  • PREMIER CONSTRUCTION –  5145 Holly Fern Trace ( OX BOTTOM CREST) / $373,940
  • QUAIL VALLEY HOMES –  5707 Sumter Hill (BULL RUN) / $399,000
  • KELLER WILLIAMS TOWN AND COUNTRY/REBEKAH RIVERS – 7488 Sunny Mariana Court  ( Marainna Oaks ) / $390,000
  • RICHARD SNEED CONSTRUCTION –  7265 White Clover Court ( Mariana Oaks ) / $349,900
  • TRUDEAU HOMES –  4205 Sierra Woods Trail  ( SIERRA WOODS) / $697,500

For more information visit the Tallahassee Builders Association page here

If you are a home buyer seeking new construction, a build site, or just the perfect home, contact Ann Huskey  and discuss your home options. Consultations are free and meeting with a qualified home professional is the best way to get your home buying process started! Call Ann at 850-212-1982.


Tallahassee Named A Tree City USA Community


For the 24th year, Tallahassee has been named as a Tree City USA community by the Arbor Day Foundation. The beautiful capital city has been recognized for decades for its lovely green spaces, live oaks, and extensive canopy cover.

Tallahassee recognizes the importance of maintaing the city’s green spaces and encourages the growth and maintenance of its trees in a variety if ways. Home to the Adopt A Tree program and several tree planting projects, Tallahassee is sure to stay green for many years to come.

For more information about the city’s Adopt A Tree Program click here.



Killearn Estates

About Killearn Estates

Just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tallahassee, Killearn Estates is a sprawling residential area nestled in the heart of the city’s northeast quadrant. With convenient access to I-10, Killearn Estates is also connected to Tallahassee by way of the picturesque lanes of north Thomasville Road and Centerville Road. Within the lovely community, one will find more than 3,800 homes and a plethora of distinctive neighborhoods with their own individual character.

Residents of the large subdivision may enjoy an active lifestyle bolstered by the neighborhood’s ten parks, many playgrounds, bridle trails, walking and jogging paths, lakes, tennis courts, private country club, and private swim club.

Killearn History

At its heart, Killearn has always been a premier neighborhood. From the beginning, it was evident that the northeastern subdivision would be destined for greatness. The natural beauty of what was once pastoral rolling farmland and serene scenic lakes translated well into a neighborhood filled with gorgeous homes that features large setbacks, ample green spaces, and mature live oaks.

The neighborhood began in earnest in 1964 when JT Williams, Mallory Horne, and Bill Cartee purchased 3,800 acres of the Velda Dairy Farm property. The group of Tallahassee landholders transformed the farmland into what would become the one of the county’s largest subdivisions.

At the time, very few people ventured out of Tallahassee along the scenic two-lane Thomasville road. One of the roads only attractions was the infamous botanic beauty, “Killearn Gardens.” Today, the attraction is known by another name, “Maclay Gardens, ” and is one of the most popular state parks in the Tallahassee area.

When the neighborhood’s entrance was first built, it lined up with the front entrance to Killearn Gardens. Because of its proximity to the state park, the developers decided to name the neighborhood after the well-known park. In 1965, the State Parks Department renamed the gardens to the Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens, or Maclay Gardens, as it is referred to today.

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Exciting Prospects For Tallahassee

These days in Tallahassee, it seems that you can not turn the corner without seeing some exciting new development or construction project. It is obvious to many that change has come to Tallahassee and that the once sleepy North Florida city is alive with opportunities for education, culture, and recreation.

Not only has Tallahassee developed amazing spaces such as Cascades Park, but it has become the home to a handful of breweries, start-up tech firms, and many more fantastic new developments. This week, Tallahassee’s most innovative minds shared a handful of the capital city’s exciting new prospects .

The event “Fast Forward” Tallahassee, co-sponsored  by Leon County, the City of Tallahassee, Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI), Leadership Tallahassee, and the Tallahassee Democrat took place on May 5th and featured the latest and greatest that the growing city has to offer.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out some of the prospects outlined in this year’s Fast Forward Tallahassee Summit, do not be dismayed. We have compiled a list of this year’s highlights. However, as you can see, the best is yet to come!

1) Aerial Tallahassee

2) Tallahassee Job Hop’s tech tours 

3) Solar farms

4) Urban Tallahassee developments

6) The coming railroad!

7) Pedestrian bridges and bike trails

For more information, follow the story at Tallahassee.com.



Tallahassee’s Housing Market Is Heating Up

As the temperature in Florida’s Panhandle is on the rise, so too is Tallahassee’s housing market. You may have noticed that the birds are singing, the smell of jasmine is in the air, and Florida’s capital city is awash in colorful blooms. But, have you noticed that Tallahassee’s real estate market is abuzz with activity?

Home sale signs are popping up almost as quickly as the springtime lilies. However, just as quickly as the for sale signs are posted the sold signs spring up in their place. The market is Hot! In fact, many listings are not even making their way onto the MLS before they are sold. This bit of information is a testament to how healthy the Tallahassee real estate market is at this time.

In this competitive market, both buyers and sellers benefit from the expertise of a trusted team of real estate professional. For more information about buying or selling in Tallahassee, contact Ann Huskey of Property Finders Realty.


Orchard Pond Parkway Is Open For Business


The development of the toll road, Orchard Pond Parkway, creates a convenient, fast, and beautiful drive for many residents of Tallahassee. The scenic road connects the Northeastern quadrant of Tallahassee to the Northwestern section of the city.

The historic Orchard Pond Road was first built in the 1800s. The centuries-old path was built alongside the developement of Governor Call’s Orchard Pond Plantation. Until recently, the scenic path was a privately owned canopy road that was cherished for its immense beauty.

Today the road shares its beauty with many Tallahassee residents. Thanks to the vision of the road’s land owner, Orchard Pond Road has become a parkway that boasts wonderous views of Tallahassee’s majestic wildlife and a state-of-the-art bike path.

Those who would like to enjoy the road’s inherent beauty and shave time of their morning commute can contact  SunPass  at  1-888-865-5352  or visit orchardpondparkway.com for more information.