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5 Ways To Thrive In A Seller’s Market


Having trouble finding a home in a competitive seller’s market. You are not alone. Follow these five tips and  you will be that much closer to owning your new home.

  1. Take It Seriously.  Finding a new home must be your first priority. If you are not dedicated to the process, you will miss out on opportunities.
  2. Be Prepared With Paperwork In Hand. It is great that you are serious but sellers have no way of knowing that if you do not put your best foot forward. The best way to show sellers that you are a serious buyer is to bring your your pre-approval letter and proof of funds to any an all offer tables.
  3. Reconsider The Contingencies. Loosening contingencies in a competitive market is one way to get your offer to stand out among the rest.
  4. Don’t Play Hardball. If you are serious about buying, do not bring lowball offers to the table in a competitive seller’s market.
  5. Widen Your Search. Sure, it would be great to find a home that checks off all of the boxes in your list. But, if you are having trouble finding that home in your price range, reconsider your list.
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